A fashionable town that features the latest trends

An area that has gained popularity through the media. Takeshita Dori is complete with shops that sell the latest trends and inexpensive fashion and lifestyle accessories. Sophisticated branded stores line Omotesando streets, and many popular stores from overseas are also popping up.


The representative of downtown Tokyo,
complete with the Edo-period history and atmosphere

With over 1300 years of history, Asakusa has many tourist spots, such as its lively shopping streets, and rapidly widening performance areas. The long-established shops, traditional craft stores, performance halls and other places that can’t be missed are always bustling with people.


Fun-filled paradise full of entertainment and spectacular view

Odaiba is a town with plenty of entertainment options and spectacular views. Fuji Television Network building, a life-size Gundam figure and a huge ferris wheel are just some of the fun places that the town offers. There are also many restaurants and viewing points overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. You can spend a day in this town for sightseeing and eating.

odaiba-rainbow-bridge JNTO


From long established stores to the latest trendy ones,
famous shops assemble in full force!

A shopping heaven representative of Japan, long-established stores and overseas high-end brands. One can enjoy gourmet food as there are many established eating places and popular restaurants. Kabuki specialty theatre GINZA KABUKIZA, shops from all over Japan for testing sales of new products are also highlights of this area.

ginza-4chome JNTO


A Shopping town that sends out trend signals

Shibuya is a town where people from different groups who are sensitive to the latest trends gather. Here, you can find a line up of shopping buildings, including SHIBUYA109 and Shibuya Hikarie. In recent years, it is also popular with youths for its convenient take-out food and popular fast fashion brands that are also popular overseas.

shibuya-intersection JNTO


Japan’s most powerful downtown

Shinjuku Station has the top passenger use per day in Japan. It has two different passage ways with the East Exit leading to a major downtown area like Kabukicho and the West Exit to a big business area surrounded by skyscrapers. It also offers several entertainment spots such as department stores, shopping complex at station “Lumine” and a comedy house “the YOSHIMOTO.”

/shinjuku-love JNTO

Roppongi Hills

A gigantic city for adults to spend quality time

A complex with Mori Tower, a 238m-tall landmark in the centre of Roppongi . There are observatories, a museum, a cinema complex, and over 200 shops and restaurants, creating a sophisticated urban atmosphere. Modern art works scattered across the complex are also something to appreciate.

 tokyo-midtown-spring JNTO


Relishing in Tokyo’s most prominent top gourmet spots

The world’s largest wholesale market, the “Tsukiji Market” (“Jounai”, or market premises) and its surrounding area, the “Market surrounding the Tsukiji Market” (or “Jougai”, the surrounding area), are known as “Tokyo’s Kitchen”. Apart from being widely known for its sushi, rice bowls topped with sashimi and other seafood delicacies, Tsukiji offers many other famous gourmet dishes. It is truly Tokyo’s representative as an eatery town.

tsukiji-market JNTO

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