A former capital of Japan, Kyoto is now world-renowned for its numerous World Heritage Sites, food, and shopping. Begin your trip with our map!


Nearby Kyoto Station 0-3 km from JR Kyoto Station

The central place for tourism, travel and temples.


You can buy gifts and collect sightseeing information from Kyoto Station. From there to To-ji Temple and Nishi Hongwanji Temple. The popular Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is 4 min away by train from the station.


Nearby Kinkakuji Temple 9 km from Kyoto Station

Visit 3 World Heritage Sites


There are numerous World Heritage Sites here including the Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Ninnaji Temples. They all stand along Kinukake Road, making them convenient to visit together.


Nearby Kiyomizu-dera Temple 3 km from JR Kyoto Station

1 of Kyoto’s most popular tourist destinations! The Stage of Kiyomizu.


In Higashiyama, you can visit several fun sites such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Ninen-zaka and Sannei-zaka. Don’t miss Sanjusangen-do, famous for its Buddhist statues and the Kyoto National Museum’s new Heisei Chinshinkan Wing (Special Collections Gallery).


Arashiyama 11 km from JR Kyoto Station

Walk down pathways decorated in beautiful seasonal scenery

Arashiyama bamboo grove

Togetsu-kyo, the symbol of Arashiyama, is a beautiful bridge built in harmony with nature. You’ll discover that sites such as Tenryuji Temple, the trolley car, and the Hozugawa-kudari (Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride) all make use of the magnificent nature around them.


Gion/Kawaramachi 3 km from JR Kyoto Station

Kyoto’s number 1 shopping district


Downtown Kyoto’s scenery offers fresh views every time you go. It has many dining and shopping options, as well as temples and shrines such as the Yasaka Jinja Shrine, and downtown areas like Gion.


Nearby Nijo Castle/Kyoto Imperial Palace 5 km from JR Kyoto Station

Kyoto’s history is centred here


Here you can find Nijo Castle, which saw the glory days and the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Kyoto Imperial Palace where the emperor once lived.


Nearby Ginkakuji Temple 8 km from JR Kyoto Station

Walk these pathways, decorated in beautiful seasonal scenery


Start at the ‘World Heritage Site’ Ginkakuji Temple. There is plenty to enjoy in this area including Tetsugaku no michi (Philosopher’s Walk) which offers beautiful cherry blossoms, autumn scenery and the beautiful gardens and architecture of Nanzenji Temple. Don’t miss the art museums around Heianjingu Shrine.


All eyes on Uji! 18 km from JR Kyoto Station

Walk these pathways, decorated in beautiful seasonal scenery


Don’t miss the Phoenix Hall of Byodoin Temple, which was renovated in 2014! 1 of the leading teahouses in Japan, it has a range of tea dishes, sweets and gifts.

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