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Corporate Sales Department |

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JTB Corporate Sales Department handles incentives and business-related travel for organizations and groups.

We create customized tours for various purposes that can include the below, and our tours ultimately aim to create cohesiveness within the group that helps in building long-lasting cross-cultural relationships.


For large-scale events, or when a professional event team is required, we can partner up with our Events and Promotion Department in delivering the full package as one JTB provider.
With over 358 JTB offices in 94 cities, covering 34 countries and regions, along with various other countries’ partner agents, no destination is too far for us. Our proprietary network spans the globe and we have the capacity to provide reliable travel services as you desire, all around the world.
Start your journey with us as we create Perfect Moments, Always.

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Corporate Sales | JTB Pte Ltd
Office Address: 79 Anson Road #07-04/05 Singapore 079906

Main Line: (+65) 6595 9922
Main Fax: (+65) 6595 9900