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JTB Corporate Sales Department: Business Travel Management |

BTM-Header-630x70 JTB Business Travel Management (BTM) is the one-and-only Japanese Travel Management Company in Singapore. We have been distinguishing ourselves beyond a corporate travel agency when we started to offer comprehensive business travel management and solutions that optimizes the corporate client’s travel programme.

BTM involves the entire process from making arrangements and payments for air tickets to management of expenses and travel expense policies, allowing companies to reduce business travel-related expenses, ensure compliance, payment solutions and streamline related tasks and operations. These complex procedures require professional consultancy and management, and here is where JTB BTM stepped in as a solution provider.


Our Focus (3Ss):

  • Service
    • Enhanced business travellers’ experience
  • Security
    • Proactive tools for risk management
  • Savings
    • Programme optimization and compliance of travel policy


Why use JTB BTM?


BTM-Text-630x520Contact Us

Business Travel Management Sales | JTB Pte Ltd
Office Address: 79 Anson Road #07-04/05 Singapore 079906

Main Line: (+65) 6222 8475
Main Fax: (+65) 6221 9929
Business Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM Monday to Friday Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays [24/7 Emergency Service Centre is available for business travellers]