Winter North Japan 9D6N



Unique experiences:
Local Train Smile Rail,  Samurai Residence “Aoyagike”, Geibi Gorge Cruise with Kotatsu Boat (90min),  Iwata Beer Factory, Green Tea and Local Rice Cake Sweet Tasting, Akabeko Painting experience (40min), Strawberry Picking (30min)

Sightseeing & Shopping Experiences:
Nebuta Festival Museum “Wa Rasse”,  Photo Shop at Tazawa Lake and Golden Tatsuko Statue, Chusonji Temple Golden Hall, Shiogama Market,  Miyagi Zao Fox Village, Tsurugajo Castle, Old Thatched Roof Villag Ouchijuku, Sano Premium Outlets

Special Gourmet Delights:
Sumptuous Japanese multi-course dinner Japanese Kaiseki or buffet in Ryokans/Hotels, local delights at restaurant

Hotel / Ryokan Stays:
03 nights of authentic Japanese Onsen experience in Yuze Onsen, Bandai Atami Onsen & Nasu Shiobara Onsen.
03 nights of centrally located hotels in Morioka, Sendai & Tokyo


Departure date
07, 14 Dec 2020
Tour length
9 days 6 nights
Aomori,Yuze Onsen, Kakunodate, Lake Tazawako, Morioka, Hiraizumi, Sendai, Matushima, Shiraishi, Bandai Atami Onsen, Aizu Wakamatsu, Ouchijuku, Nasu, Nikko, Sano, Tokyo
Tour guide
Experienced Trilingual Guide
From S$ 4,088*

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Right group size for Quality Travel (<= 30 passengers)

Experienced Trilingual Guide (English, Mandarin, Japanese) Accompanying the entire tour

Premium Selection of Hotels & Ryokan (with onsen)

Organized & Well-paced itinerary

Comfortable big coaches

Authentic Japanese gourmet food & Cultural experiences

Day 1 ---

Singapore 新加坡
Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in

JL038  SIN-HND 0220-0850
JL145  HND-AOJ 1315-1435

Day 2 On board-D

Haneda – Aomori – Yuse Onsen 羽田 - 青森 - 湯瀬温泉
Yuze Hotel similar / R.O.H. ♨️

Arrive at Haneda Airport, to transit domestic flight to Aomori. Upon arrival at Aomori Airport, coach transfer to Nebuta Festival Museum “Wa Rasse” (ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ) The Nebuta Warasse museum attempts to capture the spirit of the festival and gives visitors a taste of its lively atmosphere, history and traditions. Finally, transfer to the hotel and check in for the night and also enjoy dinner [Japanese Set or Buffet] at the hotel.

Day 3 BLD

Yuze Onsen – Kakunodate – Tazawa Lake – Morioka 湯瀬温泉 - 角館 - 田沢湖 - 盛岡
Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing or similar / Western room

This morning after breakfast will start the tour. Transfer to Aniai station to take Local Train Smile Rail enjoy view of Japanese Countryside and Nature. Local trains in Japan allow you to enjoy a relaxing ride and nostalgic vistas as they traverse unspoiled nature. Finish the train ride arrives at Kakunodate Station, followed by having lunch [Japanese Set] at a Local Restaurant. After lunch, visit Samurai Residence “Aoyagike”, Aoyagike is the samurai museum with six galleries to explore, in addition to a beautiful garden in the total area of almost 10,000. Next, photo Stop at Lake Tazawa and Golden Tatsuko Statue. The statue depicts Tatsuko standing in the water, her beauty unblemished. But this is not the only thing that has given Tazawako such a famous reputation among Japan’s sightseeing spots. Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan; the caldera lake is measured at a depth of 423 meters. Thereafter, transfer to Morioka for dinner [Wanko Soba] at a Local Restaurant. After dinner transfer to hotel check in for the night.

Day 4 BLD

Morioka – Hiraizumi – Sendai 盛岡 - 平泉 - 仙台
Hotel Metropolitan Sendai or similar / Western room

After breakfast, we will transfer to Hiraizumi, visit Chusonji Temple Golden Hall. The Golden Hall (Kondo) of Chusonji Temple, a National Treasure, was built in 1124. The building is now sheltered by a protective concrete building, which was built in the 20th century, because the interior and exterior of the Hall are plated with glittering gold. The Hall is a reminiscence of the prosperity and culture of the region. After this will transfer to Geibi Gorge for a Cruise ride with Kotatsu Boat (90 min) together having lunch on board [Hotpot Set]. After lunch will leave the Gorge to visit Iwata Beer Factory and Tasting (50 mins). You will get to see how they prepare and make the beer. After a long day, transfer to Sendai for dinner [Gyutan Set] at a Local Restaurant. Finish dinner transfer to hotel check in for the night.  

Day 4. Iwate Beer Factory


Day 5 BLD

Sendai – Matsushima – Shiraishi – Bandai Atami Onsen 仙台 - 松島 - 白石 - 磐梯熱海温泉
Hananoyu or similar / Japanese room ♨️

After breakfast, will transfer to Shiogama Market for their Famous Tuna.  Shiogama is known for having the most sushi restaurants per capita in the country. In the fish market, visitors can enjoy a sushi breakfast or lunch from a restaurant inside the market. After visiting the market will transfer to Matushima. Tasting Green Tea and Local Rice Cake “Zunda Mochi” at Kanrantei Tea House. This tea house of the ruling Date family once served samurai, princesses and royal guests. Today, anyone can enter Kanrantei and enjoy matcha green tea and sweets while viewing the gently rippling waters of Matsushima Bay. After this will take the Matsushima Coast Cruise 松島島巡り観光船 (50mins). The Matsushima bay is dotted by over 200 small islands covered by pine trees. “A part of Nihon Sankei” the most scenic coast in Japan. Follow by lunch [Sashimi and Seafood Set] at a Local Restaurant. After lunch, leave Matsushima to Miyagi Zao Fox Village 宮城蔵王 キツネ村. Located in the mountains near Shiroishi, there is a village that is filled with over 100 animals and 6 different types of foxes. Zao Fox Village is one of the best places in Japan to go and see foxes. Finally, after a long day transfer to Bandai Atami Onsen for hotel check in. Tonight enjoy your dinner [Japanese Kaiseki] at the hotel.

Fox Village

Day 6 BLD

Bandai Atami Onsen – Aizu Wakamatsu – Ouchijuku – Nasu 磐梯熱海温泉 - 会津若松 - 大内宿 - 那須
Nasu Yoko Hotel or similar / Western room ♨️

After breakfast, transfer to Aizu Wakamatsu to visit Tsurugajo Castle (鶴ヶ城). Tsuruga-jo is the only castle in Japan today that features red tile roofs. After this, will experience Akabeko Painting 日新館赤ベコ絵付け (40 mins). Akabeko is one of the famous toys of Aizu area. It is a paper made a doll of a red cow. At Nisshinkan, you can try painting and design your own Akabeko. Lunch [Wappameshi Set] is at a Local Restaurant. Follow by transfer to Ouchijuku to visit Old Thatched Roof Village Ouchijuku. Ouchi-juku is filled with buildings that are over 300 years old, with traditional thatched roofs and streets with running water to either side. After a long day, transfer to Nasu for hotel check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Western Course] at the hotel.

Day 7 B--

Nasu – Nikko – Sano – Tokyo 那須 - 日光 - 佐野 - 東京
Keio Plaza Hotel or similar / Western room

After breakfast, transfer to Nikko for Strawberry Picking (30 min). After this will transfer to Sano Premium Outlets for shopping and lunch on own expense. Thereafter, transfer to Tokyo city for hotel check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner at your own expense during free & easy time in Tokyo city.

Day 8 B--

Tokyo (Haneda) – Singapore東京(羽田) - 新加坡

JL035 HND-SIN 0005-0645

After breakfast, free at your own leisure until departure.

Bid farewell to Japan this morning as we depart for Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next perfect moments, always!

Day 9 ---

Singapore 新加坡

Arrive at Singapore

*All the photos are for illustration purposes only
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* Meals indicated are for reference only and subject to change
* Flight schedule is subject to change

07, 14 Dec 2020 (15-20 pax)
From S$ 4,288*
07, 14 Dec 2020 (21pax & above)
From S$ 4,088*

Tax & Fuel Surcharge: $S 110** (Subject to changes)  

This tour package is subject to change without prior notice.
Minimum 15 persons are required to form a group. A Tour Manager will be with the group for the entire tour.
Triple-sharing rooms’ size might be similar to Twin rooms’ (Twin bed + 1 extra bed).
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Activities available are subject to weather conditions.
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