The Best of Nagoya, Wakayama, Mie & Osaka 9D6N



Seasonal Scenery:
Autumn leaves viewing at Higashi Park, Obara Fureai Park, Gozaisho Ropeway, Ise Jingu Shrine “Naiku”, Oishi-Kogen Highland, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama (Bamboo Grove, Togetsu Bridge)

Unique experience:
Winter Illumination at Nabana no Sato, Iga Ninja Village, Ama Woman Diver Hut, Plum Wine Making Experience, Orange Picking, Kuroshio Market (Tuna Cutting Show)

Sightseeing & Shopping Experience:
Okage Yokocho Alley, Onigajo Coast, Nachi Waterfall, Photo stop at Hashikui Iwa Rocks, Kushimoto Marine Park, Sandanbeki Cliff (no entry to the cave), Senjojiki Coast, Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi

Hotel/Ryokan Stays :
03 nights authentic Japanese Onsen/Ryokan/Hotel at Ise, Taiji & Minabe. 03nights centrally located hotel in Yokkaichi & Osaka


Departure date
18, 22 Nov 2020
Tour length
9 days 6 nights
Nagoya, Okazaki, Nagashima, Yokkaichi, Yunoyama, Iga, Ise, Toba, Kumano, Taiji, Kushimoto, Shirahama, Minabe, Yuasa, Kainan, Osaka, Kyoto
Tour guide
Experienced Trilingual Guide
From S$ 3,688*

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Authentic Japanese gourmet food & Cultural experiences

Day 1 ---

Singapore 新加坡
Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in

SQ672 SIN-NGO 0120-0840

Day 2 On boardLD

Nagoya – Okazaki – Nagashima – Yokkaichi 名古屋 - 岡崎 - 長島 - 四日市
Miyako Hotel Yokkaichi or similar/ Western room

Upon arrival at Nagoya Airport, coach transfer to Okazaki and visit Higashi Park, surrounded by museums and other cultural facilities. Next, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Hitsumabushi]. After lunch, head to Obara Fureai Park (小原ふれあい公園).   A place where you will find 300 cherry blossom trees even in autumn. Here, letting you enjoy a stroll and see the changing view of the four seasons. After that, visit Winter Illumination at Nabanano Sato (なばなの里). Nabanano Sato is a theme park in Mie Prefecture, famous for its illuminating installations. Tonight, dinner will be served at the local restaurant [Kamameshi Set]. Finally, transfer back to the hotel for check in.



Day 3 BLD

Yokkaichi– Yunoyama - Iga – Ise 四日市- 湯の山 - 伊賀 - 伊勢
Hotel & Resorts Ise Shima or similar/ R.O.H. ♨️

After breakfast, transfer to Yunoyama and visit Mt. Gozaisho. Enjoy the magnificent view of the landscape by taking the Gozaisho Ropeway. Next, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Grilled Beef Set]. After lunch, proceed to Iga Ninja Village (Ninja Show at 15:00pm). The Iga School of Ninjutsu used to be one of Japan’s two leading schools in the feudal era. Revolving walls, trap doors, and cleverly-hidden compartments are waiting to be discovered! Finally, transfer to Ise city for hotel check in and enjoy your dinner [Japanese Kaiseki] at the hotel.

Day 3. Iga Ninja Museum

Day 4 BLD

Ise – Toba – Kumano – Taiji 伊勢 - 鳥羽 - 熊野 - 太地
Kayu or similar/ R.O.H ♨️

After breakfast, the first stop for today is Ise Jingu Shine “Naiku” (伊勢神宮), one of the most important shrine in Japan with a history of 2,000 years. It has been designated a National Treasure by the Japanese government. After that, visit Okage Yokocho Alley (おかげ横丁). Over 50 shops and restaurants are packed into this charming street that maintains the traditional atmosphere of Ise way back in the Edo period. This afternoon, you will get to visit “Ama Hut” and have lunch with Women Divers [Seafood meal]. After that, head to Onigajo Coast (鬼ヶ丘海岸), a spectacular rock wall stretching about 1.2km around a small cape near Kumano-shi in Mie Prefecture. At the end of the day, transfer to Taiji for hotel check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Japanese Kaiseki] at the hotel.


Day 5 BLD

Taiji – Kushimoto – Shirahama – Minabe 太地- 串本 - 白浜 - みなべ
Hotel & Resorts Minabe or similar/ R.O.H ♨️

After breakfast, the first stop is Nachi Waterfall (那智滝), one of the best-known and highest waterfalls in Japan. Next, we will have a photo stop at Hashikui Iwa Rocks (橋杭岩) – is a mysterious, natural work of art, featuring a straight line of large and small unusually shaped rocks which stretches for around 850 meters and appears to be the stakes of a bridge. Next is Kushimoto Marine Park(串本海中公園) – the first designated sea park in Japan. It is home to over 300 kinds of sea creatures. You can see tropical fishes from the glass window of the sea observation area 140 meters from the shore. This afternoon, enjoy your lunch at the local restaurant [Tuna Steak Set]. After lunch, head to Sandanbeki Cliff (三段壁) (no entry to the cave). Rising to a height of 50 meters along a 2 kilometres stretch of the Pacific Ocean, Sandan-Beki has been created by the erosion of waves and offers spectacular views. After that, visit Senjojiki Coast (千畳敷) Senjojiki is a plateau of huge rocks also created by the erosion of waves. The name comes from the fact that it looks like several thousand tatami mats joined together. Next, head to Minabe city and you will get to experience Plum Wine Making. Finally, transfer to the hotel for check in and enjoy your dinner at the hotel.

Front Page (small) - Umeshu Making Experience

Day 6 BLD

Minabe – Yuasa – Kainan - Osaka みなべ - 湯浅 - 海南 - 大阪
Hotel Granvia Osaka or similar/Western room

After breakfast, the orange orchard is waiting for you! Enjoy Orange Picking which is in season! Next, proceed to Oishi-Kogen Highland (生石高原). It is a famous large expanse of the Japanese pampas grass field. After that, transfer to Kuroshio Market (黒潮市場), a bustling seaside fish market offering up freshly caught seafood. The Tuna Cutting Show (12:30pm), watching the huge tuna in awe, cleverly cutting in front of your eyes! Lunch [Tuna & Seafoods Buffet] will be served at the local restaurant at Kushiro Market. After lunch, transfer to Osaka city. Stroll around by yourself at Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, is the best-known shopping area in Osaka, and an enduring symbol of the city. Tonight, dinner will be served at the local restaurant [Crab Kaiseki]. After dinner, transfer to the hotel for check in.

Day 6. Kuroshio Market (Tuna Cutting Show)

Day 7 BL-

Osaka – Kyoto – Osaka 大阪 - 京都 - 大阪
Hotel Granvia Osaka or similar/Western room

After breakfast, start your day at Fushimi Inari Shrine. It is famous for its thousands of vermilion tori gates, which straddle a network of trails behind its main buildings. After that, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Chicken Sukiyaki Set]. Next, proceed to Arashiyama. Visit Togetsu Bridge – a landmark in Arashiyama District for over 400 years and Bamboo Grove, the natural forest of bamboo in Kyoto. At the end of the day, proceed back to Osaka city and enjoy your dinner during free & easy time at Osaka city.


Day 8 B--

Osaka – Singapore 大阪 - 新加坡

SQ623 KIX-SIN 2330-0530

After breakfast at the hotel, free at your own leisure until departure.

Bid farewell to Osaka as we proceed to the airport and take a flight back to Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next perfect moments, always!

Day 9 ---

Singapore 新加坡
Arrive at Singapore

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* Autumn Leaves/Flowers viewing locations are dependent on weather conditions

18, 22 Nov 2020 15-20 pax
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From S$ S$3,688*

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