Autumn Breeze in Kyushu Japan 9D7N

Day 5. Senganen
Udo Jingu Shrine



Seasonal Scenery:
Autumn Leaves viewing at Mifuneyama Rakuen (Autumn Leaves Illumination), Unzen Ropeway, Takachiho Gorge, Yufuin Yunotsubo Street

Unique experiences:
Yanagawa River Boat (30min), Ureshino Kouryukan (Cloth dyeing experience with tea and hot spring water), Ibusuki Sand Bath, Fruit Picking (Persimmon), Doll Painting (Shogetsudo)

Sightseeing & Shopping Experiences:
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Okawachiyama Village, The Takeo city Library, Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park, Oura Tenshudo Church, Glover Garden, Unzen Jigoku, Mt. Unzen, Suizenji Garden, Kumamoto Castle (Outside), Josaien, Senganen, Satsuma Denshoukan, Sekinotaki Waterfall, Udo Jingu Shrine

Special Gourmet Delights:
Sumptuous Japanese multi-course dinner Japanese Kaiseki or buffet in Ryokans/Hotels, local delights at the restaurant

Hotel / Ryokan Stays:
04-nights of authentic Japanese Onsen experience in Ureshino, Unzen, Ibusuki & Yufuin. 03-nights of centrally located hotels in Kumamoto, Miyazaki & Fukuoka


Departure date
13, 17 Nov 2019
Tour length
9 days 7 nights
Fukuoka, Yanagawa, Imari, Takeo, Ureshino, Nagasaki, Unzen, Shimabara, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Kirishima, Miyazaki, Takachiho, Yufuin, Tanushimaru
Tour guide
Experienced Trilingual Guide
From S$ 4,488

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Day 1 BLD

Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in

SQ656  SIN-FUK 0120-0820

Day 2 On boardLD

Fukuoka – Yanagawa – Imari – Takeo – Ureshino Onsen 福岡 - 柳川 - 伊万里 - 武雄 - 嬉野温泉
Chagokorono Yado Warakuen or similar / Japanese room ♨

Upon arrival at Fukuoka Airport, coach transfer to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine  (太宰府天滿宮). It enshrines Sugawara Michizane (845-903) as the god of academic achievement. During the entrance examination season each year, students from all over Japan will head to the shrine to pray for success in academic achievement. This afternoon, lunch will be served at a local restaurant [Steamed Eel Set]. After lunch, take the Yanagawa River Boat Ride (30mins). This boat passes by various rural places in the city to enjoy the beautiful scenery alongside this unique environment. Thereafter, visit Okawachiyama Village (大河内山), a small village in the mountains of Imari city that specializes in pottery. With its unique scenery giving the impression of a landscape painting, Okawachiyama is surely the “Village of the Secret Kilns”. Next, head to Takeo town and shop at The Takeo city Library before we head to Mifuneyama Rakuen (御船山楽園) to see the Autumn Leaves Illumination. Finally, transfer to Ureshino Onsen town for hotel check-in and enjoy your dinner [Cha Kaiseki] at the hotel.

Day 2. Okawachiyama Village

Day 2. Okawachiyama Village

Day 3 BLD

Ureshino Onsen – Nagasaki – Unzen 嬉野温泉 - 長崎 - 雲仙
Yuyado Unzen Shinyu or similar / Japanese room ♨

After breakfast, visit Ureshino Kouryukan. Here, you can learn the history of Ureshino tea and experience the Cloth Dyeing with Ureshino Tea and hot spring water. Next, transfer to Nagasaki and visit Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park (長崎市平和公園), which commemorates the atomic bombing of the city on August 9, 1945, during World War II. Next, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Chanpon and Saraudon set]. After lunch, visit Oura Tenshudo Church (大浦天主堂). The Oura Church was completed in 1864 and is the oldest wooden church with Gothic architecture existing in Japan. Next, visit Glover Garden(グラバー園), an open air museum in Nagasaki that consists of nine western style homes built between 1868 and 1912. It exhibits mansion of several of the city’s former foreign residents and related building. Thereafter, visit Unzen Jigoku(雲仙地獄). High-temperature hot springs and gasses erupt violently from everywhere, and with the strong smell of sulfur, the steamy scenery evokes a vision of hell. Finally, transfer back to Unzen town for hotel check-in. Tonight, enjoy the Kaiseki dinner and natural hot spring at the hotel.

Day 4 BL-

Unzen – Shimabara – Kumamoto 雲仙 - 島原 - 熊本
Kumamoto Hotel Castle or similar / Western room

After breakfast, begin your day at Mt. Unzen. Take in the great view and admire the fantastic autumn foliage of the Mt. Unzen by taking the Unzen Ropeway. Next, transfer to Shimabara and have lunch at a local restaurant [Japanese Hot Pot with rice cake]. After lunch, move on to Shimabara Port (島原港) to take the Ferry to Kumamoto (熊本) (around 30min). Upon arrival, proceed to the Suizenji Garden(水前寺成趣園), a traditional Japanese garden landscaped around a natural spring pond. Thereafter, visit Kumamoto Castle (Outside), which is considered to be one of the three most famous castles in Japan and bustling with numerous tourists throughout the year. Continue your journey to visit Josaien (城彩苑) for shopping. Located at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, it brings together 23 shops selling specialty items unique to Kumamoto Prefecture. At the end of the day, transfer to Kumamoto city for hotel check-in. Tonight, dinner will be at your own expense.

Day 4. Suizenji Garden

Day 4. Suizenji Garden

Day 5 BLD

Kumamoto – Kagoshima - Ibusuki 熊本 - 鹿児 - 指宿
Ibusuki Hakusuikan or similar / Japanese room ♨

After breakfast, transfer to Kagoshima city. Upon arrival, transfer to a local restaurant for lunch [Japanese set]. After lunch, visit Senganen(仙巌園), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a traditional Japanese garden and former summer villa that has been passed down in the Shimazu family for over 350 years. The garden boasts spectacular views of the active volcano Sakurajima, and the villa provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of a powerful feudal lord. Next, transfer to Ibusuki (指宿) and visit Satsuma Denshoukan (薩摩伝承館). This spectacularly designed museum introduces the history of Satsuma (modern-day Kagoshima) around the beginning of the Meiji Period (1868-1912) with a focus on the local ceramic scene. After that, transfer to the hotel for check-in. Before enjoying dinner at the hotel restaurant [Japanese Kaiseki], don’t forget to pamper yourself at the Special Sand Bath (砂風呂) in the hotel.

Day 5. Sand Bath

Day 5. Sand Bath

Day 6 BLD

Ibusuki – Kirishima – Miyazaki 指宿 - 霧島 - 宮崎
ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki or similar / Western room

After breakfast, the first stop for today is Sekinotaki Waterfall (関之尾滝), one of Miyazaki’s largest and most powerful waterfalls. After that, proceed to Kirinokura Brewery Factory. From here, you can taste the fresh beer that is produced in Kirishima and learn about the beer making process in detail. This afternoon, you will have lunch at this beer factory [Japanese set]. After lunch, transfer to Obi Castle (飫肥城), the symbol of the possession of 57,000 koku crop fields of the Obi domain. The castle once again underwent a major renovation in 70s, when the main gate was rebuilt with Obi cedar wood using traditional methods. Next, visit Udo Jingu Shrine (鵜戸神宮), which is located on unusual topography, where its main building is situated in a cave. Finally, transfer to Miyazaki city for hotel check-in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner at the hotel [Japanese Kaiseki].

Udo Jingu Shrine

Day 6. Udo Jingu Shrine

Day 7 BLD

Miyazaki – Takachiho – Yufuin 宮崎 - 高千穂 - 由布院
Yufuin Hotel Shuhokan or similar / Japanese room ♨

After breakfast, transfer to Takachiho and visit Takachiho Gorge(高千穂峡). It is a V-shaped gorge created by the Gokase River. Red-tinted precipitous cliffs rising up on both sides of the gorge extend for a long distance. Next, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Wagyu & Washoku set]. After lunch, continue your journey to Yufuin (湯布院), a small onsen town located on a flat river basin surrounded by mountains. Take a stroll at Yufuin Yunotsubo Street(湯の坪街道) and explore more about this rural little onsen town by yourself. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Japanese Kaiseki] and natural hotel spring at the hotel.

Day 8 BLD

Yufuin – Tanushimaru - Fukuoka 由布院 - 田主丸 - 福岡
Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu or similar / Western room

After breakfast, the Japanese orchard awaits you. Enjoy the Fruit Picking (Persimmon) which is just in season! After that, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Sushi/Kaiseki & Tempura set]. After lunch, before we proceed to Shogetsudo for Hakata Doll Painting, let’s make a stop at Ohori Park (大濠公園), a beautiful Japanese garden which is located in central Fukuoka for photo stop. Thereafter, transfer to Hakata city for hotel check-in.  After check-in, free at leisure at Tenjin or Hakata area for shopping. Dinner will be at your own expense for tonight.



Day 9 B--

Fukuoka – Singapore福岡 - 新加坡

SQ655 FUK-SIN 0945-1530

After breakfast, bid farewell to Kyushu as we proceed to the airport to take a flight back to Singapore.

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13, 17 Nov 2019
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