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Fukuoka city

All your shopping and dining needs taken care of


Kyushu’s foremost business and shopping district, and a great place to have a good time out. See the new showpiece JR Hakata City Station building, soak up the traditional downtown atmosphere of Nakasu–Kawabata, and shop in Tenjin.!



Tour the charming castle town on a punt

Kinkakuji temple

puntTouring the town of Yanagawa in a punt is a must when visiting this area criss-crossed by canals. Delicacies such as steamed eel from Yanagigawa, and seafood from the Ariake Sea are also not to be missed.



The eye-catching Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine


Visitors come from all over Japan to the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine dedicated to Sugawarano Michizane, the patron saint of scholarship. The path approaching the shrine is lined with Japanese plum and other seasonal flowers that make it a pleasant stroll all year round.



Stylish Western-style buildings line the streets of the port district


Late-19th to early-20th century foreign residences lend the port district a vintage atmosphere. Noted for unique local dishes such as yaki curry (fried curry) and banana desserts.

Iki A Side Trip

Reach the islands of the Genkai Sea from Hakata Port


Hakata Port is the perfect departure point to reach the island of Iki in Nagasaki Prefecture. See the unusual rock formations, explore ancient sites and enjoy island life activity programs.

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