Japan Kochi Special Value Package

Land only

Accommodation in Hotel/Ryokan
& All Shikoku 3-day Pass

: Kochi, Shikoku

Ryokan/Hotel Stay
: Min 1 night booking in Kochi

Tour Guide
: NOT included

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Point 1
Enjoying the valleys of Shikoku on JR
Point 2
A leisurely tour taking in the best of Kochi sightseeing
Point 3
Enjoying the Shimanto River—considered Japan’s last clear stream—on a rental cycle

About Kochi

Kochi Prefecture is blessed with beautiful and abundant nature under a shining sun such as the coastline with the Kuroshio Current (Japan Current), clear rivers such as the Shimanto River and deep green forests.

It has a history and environment which produced many pioneers and great men such as Sakamoto Ryoma.

Kochi’s free and daring characteristics have created generous yet deeply strong residents called “Igosso” or “Hachikin,” and the wisdom and activity of the people of Kochi, who are full of ideas, gave birth to special gardening crops and industrial technologies. Also, the unique regional culture represented by “Yosakoi Festival” has been developed.

to Kochi Ryoma Airport by flight
From Haneda Airport (Tokyo) about 1h20min (10 flights a day)
From Nagoya Komaki Airport (Nagoya) about 1hour (2 flights a day)
From Itami Airport (Osaka) about 45 min (6 flights a day)
From Fukuoka Airport (Fukuoka) about 50min (2 flights a day)

Hotels in Kochi

Please call us at 65950600 or email us for more hotels.

Joseikan Shimanto-no-yado

Auberge-Tosayama Resort-Hotel-Ashizuri-Terme


Japan Kochi Package includes

1. Min 1 Night Accommodation in Hotel or Ryokan in Kochi (advanced booking with JTB required)

2. All Shikoku 3-day Pass


Day 1

Takamatsu ▶ Kochi ▶ Kochi Castle ▶ Katsurahama ▶ Kochi

Day 2

Kochi ▶ Tosa-Kure ▶ Nakamura(Shimanto)

Day 3

Nakamura ▶ Uwajima ▶ Uchiko ▶ Matsuyama



➊ Rate includes accommodation fee and JR ALL SHIKOKU RAIL PASS (3 days).
➋ Valid for Singapore Passport holders only.
➌ Visiting Japan for sightseeing on a short-term visa of 90 days or less upon entry.
➍ At least 1 night stay in Kochi prefecture (advanced booking with JTB Singapore is required)
➎ Traveler will receive the Hotel or Ryokan Voucher, together with the JR ALL SHIKOKU RAIL PASS exchange order (MCO) from JTB Singapore (JTB Travel Saloon).
➏ After arriving in Japan, exchange the MCO for a pass at a major stations*1 or JR Shikoku Travel Center (Warp) branch*2
*1 Four major stations : Kochi, Takamatsu, Matsuyama and Tokushima.
*2 Six JR Shikoku Travel Center (Warp) branches: Warp Kochi branch, Warp Takamatsu branch, Warp Matsuyama branch, Warp Tokushima branch, Warp Umeda branch, Sakaide Station Warp Plaza.

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