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Some attractions will be temporary close during below period due to prevent spread of Convid-19.
Fukui Prefecture Dinosaur Museum
29 FEB – 24 MAR 2020
Toei Kyoto Studio Park
2 MAR – 19 MAR 2020
Kyoto Railway Museum
29 FEB – 31 MAR 2020
Abeno Harukas
Temporarily closed *operation till further notice.
20 MAR – 31 MAR 2020
※Reopen date will be until further notice depending on the virus situation.

With EWJAP, enjoy 9 attractions/facilities at 6 different prefectures. The usual adult price for each attraction tickets in total will cost approximately S$240. (Child price: S$170)
However, JTB is offering with a great deal at only S$118! (Child price: S$98)
It does end just yet, there will be a further discount if purchased together with any JR West Pass. 3 types of campaign deals available.
Here are 9 of the attractions/facilities explained in details.

Click Here → EWJAP Brochure

Campaign period : 12 Dec 2019 – 31 Jan 2020
Prefecture to visit : Ishikawa, Fukui, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima
Recommended JR West Passes:
・1D/2D/3D/4D Kansai Area Pass
・5-Days Kansai WIDE Area Pass
・5-Days Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass
・5-Days Osaka-Hakata ‘Setouchi Area Pass’
・5-Days Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi Area Pass
・7-Days Kansai-Hokuriku Area Pass
・4-Days Hokuriku Area Pass
・7-Days Osaka-Tokyo ‘Hokuriku Arch Pass’
・5-Days Osaka-Nagoya ‘Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass’
*Single pass will not be able to cover all 9 attractions. It needs to be combine with 2 type of passes.
For more detail on : JR West Pass

Usual Price :
Adult (12 yrs old & above): SGD240
Child (3 yrs old & below): SGD170
*No additional handling fee charges.

(JTR Adult: 26015265 / Child: 26015272)

①Kaga Tour Bus CANBUS One Day Ticket (Two day ticket available but not included in EWJAP)

It is a round trip bus to tour around Kaga Onsen area. Kaga Onsen is a hot spring town which was discovered by the monks when visiting Hakusan over 1300 years ago and it has been one of the popular hot spring area ever since. The bus has two route to choose from, mountain route and sea route. There are 18 sightseeing areas at mountain route and 22 sightseeing places at sea route. To decide on which route to tour around, please check the website HERE for more details and bus timetable.
Recommended sightseeing spot : Natadera Temple / Yunokuni no Mori(50 traditional crafting workshops) / Yamanaka Urushi-za(lacquerware) /
Motorcar Museum of Japan / Daishoji Riverboat Tour / Tsukiusagi no Sato (Rabbit village) / Kaga Fruit Land / Dainichi-zakari Sake Brewery Museum

Prefecture : ISHIKAWA
Place : Bus depart and arrive at JR Kaga Onsen station
Redemption Place: Exit JR Kaga Onsen Station via the south exit, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and you will come across a ticket station and a bus stop.
Name of the bus: CANBUS (キャンバス)  加賀周遊バス
Operating Hours: 08:30 ~ 18:00
Closed date : Every Wednesday & New Year’s holidays (30th Dec – 1st Jan)
*This ticket doesn’t include SL Steam ride. Please purchase it separately at the steam locomotive boarding area.

Usual Price :
Adult (13 yrs old & above): JPY1,100
Child (6-12 yrs old): JPY550
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.
Price exclude: Taxi fare, sightseeing facility fee, meals, etc..

(JTR Adult: 25902901 / Child: 25902903)

②Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Combo Ticket

At the museum entrance there will be a 35m long escalator which leads to the basement, into the “dinosaur world”. There are total of 35 dinosaurs skeletons and some of it are found within Fukui prefecture. Experience traveling back in time of the dinosaurs period and meet different types of dinosaurs!
There are restaurants, Museum shop, Dino library and special exhibit hall to visit as well.
For more detail of the exhibition click HERE.

Prefecture : FUKUI
Redemption Place: Echizen Railway counter at Fukui Station to collect all 3 passes on visiting date.
How to visit the museum: After alighting at JR Fukui Station, please proceed to the counter for 3 ticket collections before boarding on Echizen Railway Eiheiji Katsuyama Line, bound for Katsuyama(approx. 1 hr).  After reaching at Katsuyama Station, ride on a community bus (approx. 15 min) to the museum.
To save time, you may travel by taxi as well.(approx. 10 min) *taxi fare is on individual account.
Operating Hours: Fukui Station: 5:45 ~ 23:15 Dinosaur Museum: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (entering time until 16:30) City Bus Timetable
Timetable for Direct Bus to Dinosaurs museum 
*Business hours will be changed during the summer vacation or special events.
Closed date : For museum close out date please click HERE.

Combo ticket price includes : 1-Day Echizen railway ticket + 1-Day Katsuyama city bus pass + Dinosaurs museum admission ticket.
Price :
Adult (13 yrs old & above): JPY2,130 (Individual ticket total price: JPY2,870)
Child (6-12 yrs old): JPY960
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.
Price exclude: Kyofuku Bus Pass, taxi fee, meals, etc…

(JTR Adult: 25910037 / Child: 25910046)

③Kyoto Railway Museum

A museum to experience and learn more in depth about the railways. Experience looking up close at the 53 historic train cars from steam locomotives to the recent Shinkansen bullet trains. 20 steam locomotives are preserved and exhibited in Japan’s oldest extant reinforced. Also, enjoy railroad diorama, operating simulators, a rail yard command center, learn about safety through systems, as well as other hands-on exhibits. Kids park, restaurants and museum shop are available as well!
More details click HERE

Prefecture : KYOTO
Place : Approximately 2-minute walk from Umekoji-Kyotonishi station.
Redemption Place: Present e-ticket with QR code to exchange admission ticket at the museum.
Operating Hours : 10:00 – 17:30 (last admission 17:00)* Operating time may vary depending on the day.
Closed date : Every Wednesday & New Year’s holidays (30th Dec – 1st Jan)
*This ticket doesn’t include SL Steam ride. Please purchase it separately at the steam locomotive boarding area.

Usual Price :
Adult (16 yrs old & above): JPY1,200
Junior (7-15 yrs old): JPY500
Child (3-6 yrs old): JPY200
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.

(JTR Adult: 24974076 / Junior: 24974089 / Child: 24974095)

④Toei Kyoto Studio Park Admission Ticket

TOEI* Kyoto Studio Park is the only theme park in Japan where you can observe the filming of period drama (jidaigeki films). Part of the actual TOEI Kyoto studio was separated and converted into a studio park for the public. Here you will get to walk around and immerse yourself in a studio film set.
The set depicts a street from the Edo period, and is used to shoot more than 200 films per year. Enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Japan by taking in a ninja show maybe even dressing up as a geisha or samurai! You will find all kinds of entertainment for both the young and old, in this world of imagination and creation.

*TOEI is a well known Japanese film and television company since 1938.

Prefecture : KYOTO
Place : Uzumasa station 5min walk to Satsueijo entrance(Back entrance) / JR Hanazono station 13min walk to main entrance
Redemption Place: Collect the admission ticket at the entrance ticket counter
Operating Hours: 09:30 ~ 17:00 (closed on 4th-24 JAN 2020) latest update on operating hours click HERE(in Japanese)

TOEI Kyoto Studio Park Official Website

Usual Price :
Adult : JPY2,400
Child(3-6 yrs old) : JPY1,200
*Entrance ticket only. Attraction has separate charges. 
*Only sold together with Explore West Japan All Pass. Not sold individually at JTB.

[Entrance Ticket]

⑤SAKUYA LUMINA Admission Ticket

LUMINA created by one of the top multimedia studio company “Moment Factory”, known for it’s night walks series all around the world. SAKUYA LUMINA is the latest experience in the Lumina night walks series located at Osaka Castle park. Inspired by the local culture and the natural beauty of the site, the Lumina night walks create an enchanting environment by using a universal language. Beginning at night fall, visitors are invited to pursue an immersive experience, where emotions are engaged through lights, soundscape, scenography, video and interactivity. Enjoy the night walk through the park to uncover the story about a teenage girl from the future named “Akiyo” with her fantastical friends. There are total of 9 chapters in the story.

Prefecture : OSAKA
Redemption Place: Kyobashi-guchi Entrance Ticket Center (Operating hours: 17:00-20:30)
*Located near Keihan Railway “Temmabashi” station (approx. 10min walk)
Operating Hours: 18:40 ~ last entry 21:00 (closed at 22:00)
Closed date : Please check the official website
Important Notices:
1.When crowded to the full capacity, the waiting time may take longer.
2.Following Osaka Prefectural Ordinance of Juvenile Protection, people under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult after 7:00PM.
3.Eating inside SAKUYA LUMINA is prohibited.
4.Since the path follows the natural contours of the park, customer should wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
5.No smoking in and around SAKUYA LUMINA is allowed.
6.The program may be modified or canceled partially or wholly in the case of adverse weather or natural disaster.

*January Schedule: From 14th(Tue) until end of the month, weekdays will be closed and open only on weekends.
* February schedule: Will be announced accordingly.

Usual Price :
Adult (18 yrs old & above): JPY3,200
Junior (13-17 yrs old): JPY2,200
Child (4-12 yrs old): JPY1,200
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.

(JTR Adult: 24302972 / Junior: 24302970 / Child: 24302971)

⑥Abeno Harukas Admission Ticket (Observatory deck)

Abeno Harukas is a 300 meters tallest building and a Kintetsu department store shopping paradise!  It is combines not only shopping malls but also art galleries, office buildings and hotels. Harukas 300 observatory is located on the top floor of the building(58th-60th floor) and it offers panoramic 360° views of dynamic city, Osaka. Entrance is located at 16th floor and it will ascend to 60th floor in just 50 seconds! Enjoy three different views by visiting at different time. (Morning, evening & night) There are a few photo spot areas to get a memorable pictures.

Prefecture : OSAKA
Redemption Place: Present e-ticket with QR code to exchange admission ticket at 16th floor of Abeno Harukas 300 Observatory deck.
Operating Hours: 9:00-22:00(Last admission: 21:30)
*Opening hours may vary due to maintenance or other issues.
Closed date : For museum close out date please click HERE.

Usual Price :
Adult / Child (4 years old & above): JPY1,500
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.

(JTR Adult/Child: 15478436)

⑦Kojima Shuttle Bus Ticket and Denim Handmade Experience

Kojima is a place where denim was first created locally. Shuttle bus will stop near the places like KojimaJeans Street where many denim shops are located, Betty Smith Jeans museum, Demin indigo dyeing & ink dyeing factory and Dyeing experience at Indigo dyeing workshop(藍染め工房). Other than Jeans related, there is also Nozaki family (旧野崎家住宅) salt industry history museum (from Edo period), handmade to factory made antique shops, traditional Japanese sweet shops like Shiojirikigetsudou(塩尻喜月堂) famous for it’s salt Manju and 甘月堂(Kangetsudou) is famous for Strawberry mochi rice cake.
For bus route map click HERE

This shuttle ticket include with experience making handmade denim Strap as a memorable souvenir gift for yourself!
*Present the bus ticket to staff on site for entering Betty Smith and experience denim handmade. It can only be used once.

Redemption place : Exchange to bus ticket at ticket gate of JR Kojima Station
Operation : Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays (except new year’s holiday)
How to use : Present the bus ticket to driver when get on and drop off. This is unlimited ride one-day ticket.
Give your bus ticket to driver when drop off if you plan to take the bus for the last time, driver will collect it and won’t give back to you.
Usual Price :
Adult / Child (3 years old & above): JPY900
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.
*Ticket is for shuttle bus only, attraction ticket has to be purchase separately on individual account.

(JTR Adult/Child: 24974071)

⑧Introduce fishery and view Itsukushima Shrine from the boat tour

The most produced and famous seafood in Hiroshima will be oyster!
Ride on the small fishing boat to visit the oyster raft and observe fishing ground up close. Then view Itsukushima Shrine on boat where fisherman will first pray for their safety before their boat trip. After the tour, guest may visit near by Shimadasuisan(島田水産) to enjoy many delicious oysters to your hearts’ content at Kakiya(かき小屋).
The best season to have Oyster is usually during in the winter when it’s most delicious. Hiroshima’s soul food will be Kaki-no-Dotenabe (Oyster with Miso paste hot pot), Oyster goes very well with Miso and it’s perfect for cold winter time which it will warm your stomach.

Meeting place: 島田水産 〒739-0412広島県廿日市市宮島口西1-2-6 (Official Website)
Redemption place : Upon arriving at the meeting spot, please reserve the nearest time slot to join the tour.
Please present the voucher before joining the experience. (*The guide only speaks Japanese)
Place : 
15min walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station on the Sanyo Main Line (10-minute walk from the cruise ship)
Tour hour: approx. 1 hour
Operating Hours:
Important Notice:
1. People under 3 years old are not allowed to participate due to safety considerations.
2. Meeting time 6:50, please observe the time strictly.
3. Please wear clothing and shoes that are convenient for movement. Make sure to be dressed warmly during winter as it will be extremely cold.
4. No toilet provided on board
Additional info: Recommend trying out oyster bun!(かきグラまん)

Usual Price :
Adult (18 yrs old & above): JPY2,200
Child (3-17 yrs old): JPY1,100
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.
Price exclude: meals, etc..

(JTR Adult: 25773259 / Child: 25773266)

⑨Setoda Pass (Round-trip)

The journey from Onomichi to Setoda will be by boat and bus one-way each. (exp. Going by boat and back by bus OR Going by bus and back by boat).

Onomichi – known for it’s temple walk that connects 25 temples, which is considered a lot for a small town. One of the popular temple will be Senkoji especially during cherry blossom season. You will be able to take beautiful scenery photos. Shimanami Kaido(Bridges) that connects Honshu and Shikoku Island, is also popular among cyclist.
Main attraction : Hirayama Museum / Kosanji Temple.

Setoda – Used to be an important shipping port especially for salt trading during 1392-1573. Most visited Temple will be kojo-ji with has architectural style of  both Chinese and Japanese. Near the Setoda port, there are “Shiomachi Shopping street” also “Setoda Town Museum of History and Folklore”. The museum building was previously a salt storehouse in the Edo period.

Prefecture : HIROSHIMA
Redemption place : Exchange to pass at Onomichi Station(尾道駅) Tourist Information [Operating Hours : 09:00~18:00]
How to Use : Show the pass to get free entry for below two places!
Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art (平山郁夫美術館)  [Operating Hours:09:00~17:00]
Kousanji Temple(耕三寺・耕三寺博物館)   [Operating Hours: 09:00~17:00] -In the temple has a marble garden built by a famed sculptor over 16 years. It is a climbable white-marble platform and offers nice city views. It is popular photo spot among Japanese tourist to take nice IG photos!
Other good deals available using the pass! For more details like HERE / GUIDE MAP(JAP)
Closed date : 29th Dec 2019 – 3rd Jan 2020 *Boat close on Sat・Sun・PH

Usual Price :
Adult / Child (3 years old & above): JPY4,500 (Valid for 2 days)
*It can be booked individually but handling fee S$10 will be chargeable per booking.

(JTR Adult/Child: 25017668)